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About The Show

A Love Story (With Supernatural Roadblocks) takes place in two worlds: on Earth as we know it and in the Cupidverse, primarily at the office of Cupidity LLC, a supernatural matchmaking firm. Plumeria, Cupidity LLC's smart but conceited head cupid, has been trusted with a case that will decide the future of the firm: the case of Bree and Kevin, two teenage best friends on Earth. But her world is abruptly rattled when new employee Marley leads her to question everything she knows about herself.​

Still in its developmental stages, A Love Story has had 2 public presentations: a reading at Pearl Studios and a workshop at Ta-Da! Youth Theater (both independent). It will next be appearing in EAT's New Works Series.

About The Writer

Nina Osso (book, music, lyrics) is a 17 year old in love with theatre, both as a performer and a creative. She's currently a senior in high school at the Bergen County Academies, where she is a member of the school's theatre academy. A Love Story (With Supernatural Roadblocks) is the first musical Nina has written, produced or directed, and she is so excited about it!

ALS(WSR) began as a one act straight play, written as an assignment for a playwriting class she was taking. She found herself on a roll time and time again while working on the show, and through the process, discovered her passion for playwriting. What she had known about herself, though, was that songwriting and composition were and always had been her primary creative outlets. So she decided to compose a score for the play, and from there, it's history!

Nina's ​favorite things outside of the direct realm of the arts are travel, reading, social justice, history, her dogs, family and friends, and How I Met Your Mother. And to answer the real questions: Nina is an ENFP-A and a Taurus Sun - Virgo Moon - Leo Rising.

Find out more about Nina at

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